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About Us

Eugene Arboit is a qualified and experienced Diesel Fitter with another qualification as a Fitter and Turner. His 25 years of experience mainly in Ayr has brought our new business to life. He has trained apprentices that later went to work in the mining industry or Honeycombs of Ayr.


He has been brought up in a family owned sugar cane farm and later conducted his training at Kalamia Sugar Mill in Ayr. He worked for the family business Arboit's Tractor & Farm Machinery Supplies in Ayr.


On the side, Eugene would help out friends doing tree lopping, and opened his eyes to an industry he is fond for. Gathering experience and qualifications, he chose to keep this service in his own business offering decent prices for the tree services he could provide. With a small team, he can be on top of all care relating to jobs presented.


Mowing lawns is another service we offer, where we utilise Huster zero turn mowers. We like to exceed the clients expectation of the service we provide.  

In 2013, he moved to the lovely seaside town of Bowen and started this business with local partner Meg Hogan. We have been growing ever since!

Meg Hogan has had over 25 years involved in rental investment properties, owning a caravan park in Bowen, working for a bank, a security company, an electricity company. Knowing the basics to what is wanted from a job done well to selling and maintaining accounts.

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