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To 'chip' or 'not to chip'?

Getting a qualified business to prune or remove tree branches from your property can be the best decision you will have made in a while. To see folk with tiny trailers packing and filling tree matter in to every possible corner and on route to the dump... at least 30 times! The easier and most cost effective solution is to have the debrie woodchipped - ask yourself, can you use it? If not, the business should have a big enough sized truck that can contain more debrie matter when chipped than not. And you know something, feeding the wood chipper is really quick. Dumping charges will be less due to the work is done for them, the load is generally of 1 or 2 trips. Now that has to sound better than wasting the whole weekend, sacrificing family time, petrol and sweat.

We can help - BOWEN TREE & YARDWORX Phone 0407 035 014 Eugene


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