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Adding Charm Increases Demand

Honey, stop the car...

Finding that house with charm that evokes a response to just take a moment to breathe it all in, is what most selling homeowners hope for.

So what price can your property sell for? Clear and simple, the answer is whatever the market will pay for it. An agent will look at other comparable properties that sold in the area and what is selling now in the marketplace with the basic elements (like 3 bedrooms, 1 lock up garage, 800m2...) to define a marketable price range for your appraisal. Some will price higher if newer, better accesses, whether brick or weatherboard and so on. But the true essence of charm will come from how your property evokes the senses, and more interest means more buyers. Working with 'the marketing edge' can change the price a buyer is willing to pay. A secret garden, a private courtyard, lush gardens, a bird bath in a haven of colour, manicured paths that lead somewhere that captures curiosity. Take a look at these few examples:

All these houses shared common element quantities, but the appeal was vastly different. You can feel like stopping to have a closer look when the property looks loved and cared for. Demand for your home depends on what state it is in. And that supports my point, be a property that will make an onlooker stop in their tracks to take a moment to dream of possibilities will gain a higher return and quicker sales. Focusing on first impressions, known as the kerb appeal, is one of the easiest things you can do to help elevate a market price. Sprucing up lawns by removing the weeds, fixing the dead patches, watering and servicing the lawn is high on the list. Removing trees that are not healthy or that are problematic for the next owner. Tidying the gardens by removing strangling vines, pruning shrubs and trees to let the light in, remove the overwhelm of work required that a prospective buyer might have. Pressure clean the paths to remove marks, mold and mildew. Add a dash of colour to an outdoors area. And some sprinkle of charm, like a garden sign, a chair, a water feature, a statue.

We would love to help you create the home another would enjoy. It will not cost the earth, but it will be the difference between selling your property fast on demand versus waiting for the right priced buyer and the vines to take over. How can we help? Eugene & Meg

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