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A Beautiful Garden Is A Work Of Heart

How is your entry presentation?

Does it show people entering your space that you care?

Whether you are in business or just showcasing where you live, a pleasurable environment upon entering your kingdom is key to letting others know that you have a sense of 'care' for what you do. It says that you look at the finer details, you respect cleanliness, you harbour love and you are open to sharing. If we used that same philosophy in business, our entry presentation would preframe our potential clients before they had to enquire what you could help them with. Setting up the ideals that made them feel invited to want to come take a peek inside.

You have paid at great cost for your sanctuary, and your pride is at stake. You are the sculptor of your reality. In thought, our gardens, our entries, define whether we attract or repel our visitors. It is up to us to create an environment of warmth and curiosity... after all our inner children were once all tree huggers, flower sniffers, ladybug catchers and animal kissers! May I suggest you take a good look at what your front presentation area says to another. Is it welcoming or showing signs of neglect? We are looking for the beautiful people who maybe are a little time poor, businesses that want that touch of finesse, and would love to show others that their business cares, their kingdom is inviting to others.

Who do you know?

Eugene & Meg

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