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Low priced quote ... is it the better choice?

When faced with finding a trades person to conduct some work for you, it raises some questions of what should you look for in choosing someone suitable to attend and deliver the work you want meeting your satisfaction.

What skills are on display?

Not only is price a decisive marker when choosing a trades person, but more so should be the reputation and skills on display. A well done job, timely and triggering customer satisfaction with others is always a winner. So, take the time to see the most recent reviews.

What equipment is being used?

In most cases, the equipment provided by a trades person will come at the trades person's cost. However, additional hired equipment for efficiency and safe work practices may be included in the overall price. Not only does the right equipment keep the trades person out of harms way, increases productivity and lets them operate for years to come. Less strain on the body, more confidence that safety has been built in to the equipment design and to know that your trades person will be around for a while as they get the return back on the money spent to set themselves up. They are serious about business, and customer dissatisfaction is not on their path and this can be a highlighting factor in the decision of who you retain services of.

More job left at the end of the job?

It can be frustrating to come to the end of the job and find that there is work still not completed as you would have expected.

Was it clear what was meant to be done?

Was it written down in the agreement or marked out in the work site space?

Were there periodic checks and or meetings to highlight the expectations as the job proceeds?

A good idea is to confirm the details of any quote to make sure you are comparing 'apples' with 'apples' and not 'oranges'. Who knows, it may end up costing you even more than what was originally quoted to fully complete the job and meet your expectations.


Say no to Cowboys!! I cannot stress this enough. If you let someone on your property you really need to know they have skills that will do the job and they have insurance coverage if there is an accident or incident that it will not take away your house. We have all heard those horrible stories of burglars that break into your home and trip on a garden hose and breaks his leg. He then sues you for damages and loss of income (even though the income is from thieving from other house occupiers), and unfortunately wins a legal battle even though he had bad intent. A trades person is no different. If a liable accident happens, you the home owner/occupier can be liable if other suitable insurance cover is not in place.

All contractors, trades persons, or other should have their own insurances that cover accidents, equipment and personal injury of themselves and any workers. It is not silly to ask to see their insurances prior to accepting the quote. If your insurance does cover all the possibilities of harm of another entering your property, are you also prepared to take on the higher premiums for years after as well?

In Summary...

  1. Take time to get a few quotes, taking the time to discuss what is required of the job.

  2. Do not hesitate to call up trades persons if there is something not discussed on the quote.

  3. Check to see that they have a good reputation and have happy clients. Ask how long they have been working in this industry for.

  4. If it is a new business, do not disregard them - just check that they have safe equipment that suggests that they will remain in your area for years to come, thus they are looking at building their business through safe practices and not wanting any dissatisfied customers.

  5. Take a further step to witness, copy and retain their certificate of insurance.

With all that said, many customers will continue to pick the low bid without regard to the other tenders, skill sets and costs. Quality work should not be held to ransom to low priced quotes. Imagine a world of inexperienced rookies who were in it just for a quick buck and endangering property and person, a flash-by-nighter that puts legitimate businesses with overhead costs out of business.

Where would our trust in trades people be then to service our needs?

Take bidding off the table and look for quality work, politeness, safe work practices and fully insured for the task at hand. The trades person is looking for repeat businesses, a loyal customer and will gladly show their appreciation via added value bonuses when working to build and retain a good working relationship. My advice, choose quality every time.

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